Scenar Therapy Vienna


Dear friends and interested persons,


Having landed on my page may mean a turning point for you: the Theralogy and the Scenar Therapy, which I use as the foundation of my work, can move mountains. These methods can energetically influence the organism so positively that the body’s own self-healing powers are activated. Your body can then cope with existing symptoms and health problems on its own.


I have been working with Scenar Therapy since 2008 achieving very good results with many clients. The electrical impulses transmitted to the organism by a device especially developed for Russian space research are similar to the signals that the nervous system of our body uses to send information through the body. That is why the human body understands these signals very well.


The Theralogic concept is based on reactivating the cells, which means working on the true origin of the problem rather than the symptoms. When I met Theralogy in 2018, I immediately recognized how well it works and that this method should serve as the basis for everything else, since it works on cell level and achieves incredible results with lasting effects.


In the course of my work and further education, I have constantly broadened my horizon and acquired some very interesting methods, which I support in my work. This is how a holistic therapeutic concept has been developed. Once the energetic balance in the organism is restored, the body can regenerate at all levels.


I look forward to assisting you in restoring your balance!