The Universal Therapy

The Universal Therapy developed by Dr Leonid Talpis from Moscow is a special kind of psychotherapy that leads to the desired result in a very short time as opposed to classical methods where it takes years to get success.

A kinesiological muscle test precisely determines on what level the problem lies so that it is possible to work directly at the cause of the problem.

This particular therapy comprises elements from various known types of therapies such as gestalt therapy, family constellations, provocation therapy, quantum psychology and other methods. However, the algorithm of the Universal Therapy developed by Dr Leonid Talpis stands out from all the others and is unrivaled in its universal approach.

The practical application of the Universal Therapy comprises areas like health, relationships, etc.:

  • partner
  • parents-children
  • business relations
  • me and money
  • relation between my inner child, the inner parents and the inner adults
  • me and God
  • me and my dignity
  • self-awareness
  • etc.

The origin of blockades does not necessarily have to be from our present life; they could have been caused by earlier reincarnations or developed from our genealogy.

With the Universal Therapy Dr Leonid Talpis succeeded in creating a tool which can be called ‘integrative psychology’.