THERALOGY – cell reactivation

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by Theralogy concept

What is Theralogy? A human consists of 200 cell types and about 100 trillion cells. These cells have to work well together. Like workers in a big factory. The better this happens, the stronger the performance of your body function. Functioning cells are a prerequisite for well-being and your health.


Over time, cell functions can be permanently disturbed due to various factors / influences. Cells become slower or even inactive in their function. This can be felt by movement restrictions, dysfunctions to pain. This is where reactive cell training begins. Tests can be used to find out which cells are causally impaired in their function. Which cells need a reactive cell training. How can a sustainable result be worked out by reactivating the cell? This requires several tests and training steps.

The goal is to stimulate the physiological performance of your body. Thus, a harmonious cooperation of all cells can be made possible.


THERALOGY means therapy according to logic.  Inactive cells are activated. The tools used are called ‘Redaters’which act like mirrors for the cells. The well-functioning, healthy cells conduct the energy and show the inactive cells how to work properly. It is like looking into a mirror: the cell realizes what is wrong and corrected the failure immediately itself.

It is like us humans when we have leftovers around our mouth while eating, but we do not notice it. These leftovers are visible to everyone but the person affected. Only when someone looks in the mirror, he realizes what is wrong and wipes his mouth.

Undeniably, we are all self-healing beings. Our body “repairs” many damages every second. If these “repair” mechanisms no longer work 100%, then the body starts complaining.

The energy is produced in the cell. Although it is invisible, it is still noticeable. It is noticeable in particular when you have no or too little energy. In other words, energy is lacking for the “repair” work in the body. Every illness occurs due to lack of energy. The energy in the body has to flow. The stagnation of energy causes discomfort or pain.


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Theralogy is not only a therapy that works according to logic; it is a kind of philosophy: it begins with a very exciting journey into new field, where we expect great discoveries.


When I discovered this philosophical and very practice-oriented therapy for me, I immediately realized that it affects and treats the causes of an illness: Thus, this therapy became the basic therapy for me, whereby the problems are treated at their root. One of the most important aspects is the possibility to use this therapy at home (as a home-training by yourself), to activate and train the cells every day. All other of my therapies are offered between Theralogy sessions. This results in a versatile treatment concept that inevitably leads to success.


According to the Theralogy concept, there are three main systems that work together constantly and on whose work our well-being and ultimately also our health depends:

Nervous system

Meridian system

Organ system

The optimization of work of all these systems and reactivation of the DNA will allow increasing the energy production of the cells, so your self-healing power can work properly.