EDUCTOR – the medicine of the future

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Another way to recover I have found by working with the latest high-tech biofeedback and bioresonance device called Eductor.


Everything is information and everything is vibration. Viruses, bacteria, herbs, emotions, physical structures, but also mental states, organs, etc. have their own frequencies. Eductor can use a biofeedback system to measure all information in frequency form in the body and compare it with its 13000 matrix information and display the reasoning data. This information is evaluated by the therapist and processed further. This device has over 1200 program features that not only work on the physical level, but also include emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


These programs address different topics and problem areas, such as:

toxic, viral and bacterial strains

geopathological stress

ray fields

hormonal disorders

stress reduction

sleep disorders

anxiety and panic attacks

addiction problems

mental disharmony

all physical and psychological complaints, both chronic and acute.


This method is applicable to the client directly as well as remotely by quantum fields. I already had some successful experiences in treating the clients all over the world.


As a scientifically proven diagnostic and therapeutic tool, the Eductor applications allow targeted treatments and thus complete my therapeutic offer.