Physioenergetics is a kinesiological, holistic test and treatment procedure developed by two osteopaths and a medical doctor in Vienna, Austria. Now it is used by doctors and therapists all over the world. Using the arm length reflex test the cause of various problems and disturbances can be found and treated at the same time. The arm length reflex is the reaction of the body to any information. The body reacts either with stress, resulting in short term muscle shortening reaction, or with no stress, meaning that there is no muscle shortening. The arms of the person being tested are pulled slightly, in order to see any potential differences.


The physioenergetic practitioner thus has the possibility to pursue various symptoms, and to exactly investigate them on different levels. It is a biofeedback system, a conversation with the body on the level of the unconscious that allows problem areas to be discovered and the causes to be rectified.


The human is a miraculous and very complex entity in which everything is connected. Often subconscious or pushed aside traumas hide behind chronic pain. These traumas can be issues that we no longer think about, and would not consciously connect with our present problems. It is well-known that our system consists of 95% subconsciousness and only 5% consciousness. Physioenergetics takes the correct way by searching for problems on the subconscious level in order to bring them partially to the level of consciousness and treat them there.


We humans are not only composed of a physical body, we also have a soul. That is already undisputed. An infinite number of chemical processes take place in our bodies every microsecond. Everything that surrounds us carries information, and in turn our system reacts to this information. Let me list the four main levels: the physical body, the psyche, the chemical level and the information level. They are all closely connected and always interact and influence each other.


Whether you want to address the real causes of a specific problem or issue, or just want to have a thorough holistic checkup, or simply  wish  to become acquainted with this method and its possibilities ­– with a physioenergetic practitioner at your side, you are certainly in good hands!



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